Do you host any fundraisers?

Yes! Please contact hello@hopialikeit.com

Can I add a personalized message?

Yes, upon checkout there will be a box labeled “personalized message”. Please make sure to include the recipients name, your message and whom its from.

Can I have a gift delivered outside of the 50 United States?

As of right now, we only deliver within the US.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order by sending an email to hello@hopialikeit.com. If your order has not yet shipped, we will be able to issue a refund. Once the order has left our facility, refunds are no longer available.

Do you offer Refunds?

Please see our Returns Policy Page, but the short answer is no because our food is perishable. For non-perishable items, please see our Shipping and Returns Policy Page.


Can I send a single order out to multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, we do not have this capability. Each order is tied to one shipping address.

I just placed an order. Where is my confirmation email?

Right after you place an order, you’ll be taken to a screen that confirms your order with your order number. If you don’t see a confirmation of your order via your provided email address, please check your spam folder. It may take up to 5 minutes to arrive. If you still don’t see it, we may not have received your order. Feel free to contact us if you would like to confirm.

Where is my tracking number?

Tracking Numbers are sent out automatically by the sender “Hopia Like It Online Store”.

It’s been longer than the estimated 4 business days for my package to arrive. Will it still be good?

USPS does not guarantee shipping in 4 days, but rather estimates and can experience delays during busier times. For our freshly baked hopia, we pack them in airtight bags to prolong their shelf lives. Depending on the flavor, they last more or less 7 days at room temperature. For guaranteed delivery, use the UPS options.

Still have questions?

Send us your question at hello@hopialikeit.com! We’ll be happy to answer any questions.